Our Partners

Through pre-development projects, Audi has broad expertise in the field of assisted, highly automated and networked driving functions and driving simulation applications.

3D Mapping Solutions is specialized in the high-precision and high-resolution acquisition of road networks and the creation of reference maps for autonomous driving.

VirtualcitySYSTEMS offers comprehensive solutions for simulation-based product development in the field of driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving and links these with Smart City applications.

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TWT has extensive expertise in the field of function simulation as well as in the development of virtual simulation environments to ensure highly automated driving.

EFS is of central strategic importance with projects and sound know-how in the development of systems for piloted driving and software tool development.

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The THI puts its focus on vehicle and road safety. This proven expertise in applied research led to the approval of the CARISSMA research building and comprises eight laboratories for integral vehicle safety research as well as a large open test area.

ASAP is able to test component models on virtual routes and to train them with comprehensive data and new methods using machine learning procedures.

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HM has core competencies in the field of safeguarding processes, methods, tools and data in production development and in the simulation of autonomous and networked systems/vehicles.

The KU focuses, among other things, on research projects for the efficient design of co-production processes and on the design of service innovations and business models.

The city of Ingolstadt has implemented many traffic engineering projects in the field of "Car-to-Infrastructure"(C2I), such as public transport acceleration, fire brigade acceleration or TRAVOLUTION (traffic-adaptive network control).