Project House

In order to provide the project members from the universities, companies and the city with a suitable place for collaborative work, the former supermarket property was renovated and converted into an innovative work surface.

Our project house is located at the motorway exit Ingolstadt-Nord and is therefore directly adjacent to the digital test fields "Autobahn A9" and "Digitales Testfeld Ingolstadt". We benefit not only from the expertise that each project partner brings to the project house, but also from the local Innovation Law, consisting of a VR/AR area and a modern high-tech workshop at the Ingolstadt digital start-up centre. Our project house offers space for collaborative work, quiet research and scientific discussions in large groups, but also space for conversations while drinking coffee and convivial barbecue evenings.

Working Environment

The deliberate regional orientation of the project had from the outset also included close local cooperation in agile methodology and the provision of work results at one location. The project activities should lead to a common laboratory/experimentation and demonstration area.

The project requires a place where work results can be visualized and experienced. The results can also remain there and remain available for the working groups to work on. It is the place close to the selected exemplary route where the comparison of simulation and reality can take place in a short distance.