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Mobility of tomorrow - intelligent planning, development and control through simulation

Why do we need new mobility? Why does mobility no longer work?

The urge for individual mobility is leading to an ever-increasing volume of traffic. The denser and more intensive the traffic, the more restricted mobility becomes. People in large cities experience this every day. Even in the "small big city" Ingolstadt participation in traffic can no longer be described as real mobility.

For intelligent solutions to this complex mobility problem, we need the following elements: modern development, planning and control tools, as well as new cooperation and participation models.

Therefore, in our research project we are developing the methodology for a holistic simulation model of a city and its traffic. The simulation should be up-to-date, real-time capable, transparent and comprehensible in order to enable the development of autonomous and networked driving functions in urban areas.

Mobility concerns us all. In a realistic computer model many people can be involved through visualization and experience the model. This creates both innovative solutions and acceptance among the population.


How does the model benefit reality?

The simulation model supports the following applications in particular:

  • Optimisation of the traffic flow and demand-oriented control
  • Virtual testing of mobility offers

Optimization of the traffic flow and demand-oriented control. Wouldn't it be comfortable to know at what speed I have to travel as a cyclist to have a green wave? When should I leave work to avoid a traffic jam after work? Wouldn't it be helpful in winter to know which roads are icy at what time?

Virtual testing of mobility offers. With the city model, autonomously driving vehicles can first be tested extensively in the virtual world before they are allowed onto the road. This ensures maximum safety. The encounter with autonomous means of transport is also still unusual. The city model can be used to show and learn how a pedestrian behaves during this encounter.

We are working on the vision of a multifunctional city model that anticipates, controls and further optimizes mobility solutions. This not only provides people with safety, but also improves comfort and makes everyday life easier. Every day and every place in this city.





It's about the digital location Ingolstadt, it's about the future of our hometown

Dr. Christian Lösel, Lord Mayor Ingolstadt

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